Featured in Wedding Wows magazine December 2013 issue.

We have been feautured again in Wedding Wows magazine December 2013 issue.

You can read the full article here and enjoy the reading.



From fashion to weddings, from Europe to India, Marco has managed to bring his unique

sensibility and experience into his photography. “I never thought I would get into wedding

photography, but 4 years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to shoot his wedding

in Budapest,” he recalls. Naturally, he accepted and really enjoyed the experience,

especially when he realised that he could explore wedding photography as a medium to

merge the fashion and documentary styles of photography.


Based out of London and Bangalore, Marco never agreed with traditional form of wedding

photography, which was tightly controlled by the photographer and ended up with

unnatural images. Instead, he has a candid approach, and prefers to be “quietly invisible”,

allowing moments to unravel naturally and spontaneously. He also applies his fashion

experience and shoot rather glamorous images of the bride and groom.


Having worked with various commercial and fashion agencies and magazines in Europe,

he is quite the expert in capturing moments with whatever light is available, and mixing

different elements like beauty and composition to end up with great shots. He also uses

a second camera solely for close-up images. His albums are carefully selected, combining

the latest technology with the finest craftsmanship, and are printed and hand-bound in




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